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American Zoetrope SFX Collection - Vehicles Image

American Zoetrope SFX Collection - Vehicles

Label: Hollywood Edge

American Zoetrope and The Hollywood Edge have joined forces to extend their collection of epic sound effects, all from the sound vault of Francis Ford Coppola's San Francisco motion picture studio.
This 7-disc collection contains hundreds of original vehicle and moving machine sounds, recorded for the soundtracks of a wide range of films from war pictures to period dramas.

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Series 12000 - Anchors Away Image

Series 12000 - Anchors Away

Label: Sound Ideas

Set sail with Anchors Away - a truly comprehensive royalty free sound effects collection of 40 different small boats, personal watercraft, racing, fishing and excursion vessels!

Series 12000 - Anchors Away Demo Track

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Series 13000 - Ship Shape Image

Series 13000 - Ship Shape

Label: Sound Ideas

A 6 CD collection of more than 300 royalty free sound effects, Ship Shape steams ahead with a full fleet of freighters, luxury ocean liners and other large vessels. Ship Shape - entering your port soon!

Series 13000 - Ship Shape Demo Track

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Series 5000 - Wheels Image

Series 5000 - Wheels

Label: Sound Ideas

The most complete royalty free collection of car sound effects ever recorded. The Series 5000 Wheels Sound Effects Library will give you the ride of your life, showcasing sounds from a vast array of foreign and domestic late model cars, in a variety of makes and sizes. More information...

Series 5000 - Wheels Demo Track

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Series 5000 - Wheels 2nd Gear Image

Series 5000 - Wheels 2nd Gear

Label: Sound Ideas

The Sound Ideas Wheels 2nd Gear Sound Effects Library is the first vehicle sound effect collection to utilize multi-track recording - a technique that records a variety of sounds simultaneously from every perspective, inside and out. Each sound effect is recorded in isolation on its own track. More information...

Series 5000 - Wheels 2nd Gear Demo Track

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Speed SFX Library Image

Speed SFX Library

Label: Sound Ideas

Youre off to the races with the Sound Ideas Speed sound effect series: the fastest way to bring the high octane of rolling thunder races to life, from start ... to checkered flag finish!

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Underwater Series Image

Underwater Series

Label: Sound Ideas

Dive in! The Sound Ideas Underwater Series offers 500 royalty free sound effects that will never leave you high and dry!

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