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Foley Footsteps (Sonic Boon) Image

Foley Footsteps (Sonic Boon)

Label: Hollywood Edge

Sonic Science Foley Footsteps is the ultimate collection of male and female footsteps. All 700 effects were digitally recorded on a range of surfaces at a variety of walking speeds. Some surfaces include cement, wood, grass, gravel, metal, and snow.

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Foley Footsteps Winter Image

Foley Footsteps Winter

Label: Hollywood Edge

Sonic Science Inc., the company that brought the professional audio industry some of the best sounding sound effect libraries, has again raised the bar with the introduction of Sonic Boon Foley Footsteps (Winter), an all new 48 KHz, 24-bit sound effect library.

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Foley Sound Library Image

Foley Sound Library

Label: Hollywood Edge

For the first time ever, we're bringing our whizzes, swooshes, clunks, squishes, crashes, clashes, bumps, binks, sizzles, creaks, rattles, clinks, cracks and impacts straight to you. The Hollywood Edge introduces its NEW Foley Series!

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Hollywood Foley FX Image

Hollywood Foley FX

Label: Hollywood Edge

Pulled straight from the Vaults of Soundelux, one of Hollywood's leading sound design and editorial companies, comes Hollywood Foley FX. This expansive set features over 1600 sound effects created by some of Hollywood's leading Foley Artists.

Hollywood Foley FX Demo Track

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The Art of Foley Image

The Art of Foley

Label: Sound Ideas

The Art of Foley contains a warehouse full of simulated sounds, both extreme and everyday, for Foley-synchronization and audio sound replacement usage. Featuring a great selection of the very best sound effects from top Foley artist Dan OConnell

The Art of Foley Demo Track

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Ultimate Foley Collection Image

Ultimate Foley Collection

Label: Sound Ideas

The making of The Ultimate Foley Collection from Sound Ideas started with an idea. The two Foley artists, Patti Tauscher and Chase Keehn, realized that when they needed group movement effects, there just was nothing out there to use. That led Sound Ideas to go on location to Fantasy Studios in Berkeley California with Patti and Chase to take advantage of some unique recording opportunities. The result of this collaboration is The Ultimate Foley Collection - more than 2,300 Foley effects recorded! Large and small groups recorded from close and distant microphone positions, walking, running, shuffling, using every conceivable type of footwear and surface, as well as an impressive collection of foley group movement sounds. Included in the Ultimate Foley Collections are Foley Footsteps, Chair, Prop and Cloth Movements. Also there are Movements with Reverb using small and large rooms, small and large groups running, walking and shuffling.
The Ultimate Foley Collection contains more than 2300 Sound Effects on 3 DVD's in 24Bit / 28kHz with embedded metadatas.

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