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SoundStorm Motion Picture Sound Effects Library

SoundStorm Motion Picture Sound Library - April Special

It's time to supercharge your audio-server! Soundstorm is one of the most comprehensive sound libraries ever and this is the chance to get it for a dime! Read more about Soundstorm, see who's using Soundstorm and get you own license. Soundstorm is great and makes a lot of fun to work with!

Room Tones Sound Effects Library

Room Tones And Impulse Responses

Room Tones: no matter where we are, they are there as well. They usually go unnoticed, but they surround us constantly. They are our daily companions. They are everywhere. Always. They are here with me right now and they are with you too, as you read these lines. They stay in the background, but they are there. They are the low hum of a computer, the continuous whir of a vent, the consistent noise of a fan, the sound of an electric device. They are the sum of an infinite number of reflections, i.e. static noise. Read more about the Room Tones Sound Library

Roomtones Sound Library: 11 customer reviews

, Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Germany

"But everything sounds really great!!!"

, Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Germany

"And what I've heard so far pleases me very much."

, Sound Designer, The Netherlands

"I think the library is going to be very usefull, great product!"

, Sound Designer/Sound Editor, Germany

"The sounds are great and I already used them a lot in a project."

, Sound Designer/Sound Editor, Montreal, Canada

"I'm enjoying the library! Thanks and cheers, Federico"

, Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer, Italy

"Everything worked fine! The files sound really good, thanks! Keep up the good work."

, Sound Editor, Canada

"Outstanding job, a ton of useful tracks here. Love the Impulse library as well."

, Sound Designer, Sound Editor, Germany

"...worked perfect. The sounds were already used! :-)"

, Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Sweden

"And thank you for your awesome sounds! They all sound brilliant! Just what i needed."

, Sound Editor, Dubbing Mixer, New Zealand

"Thanks very much. From what I have heard so far, there is some great stuff in the library."

, Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer, London

"Very nice set of sounds."

2012-08-09 New: City Sounds - Munich Sound Library

City Sound - Munich Sound Library

The first part of our 'City Sound Collection' consists of the Munich sound pack. 'City Sounds - Munich' contains 53 new and contemporary recordings of Bavaria's capital city. This compact sound collection contains 53 new stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound audio tracks with more than 100 minutes of sound material that will transport you straight to the hustle and bustle of Munich's city centre.

Munich City Atmospheres

Stroll through the Bavarian capital and take an acoustic tour of the city. Visit one of the famous art galleries (Pinakotheken), frolic in the park of the Nymphenburg castle, join the crowds at the Viktualienmarkt, listen to the famous Glockenspiel on Munich's Marienplatz or drink beer in one of the city's numerous (and fabulous) 'Biergärten'.

All the recordings in 'City Sounds - Munich' were made in cutting-edge 24Bit 96kHz sound quality for a realistic reproduction of the location's current soundscape.

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2012-07-10 New Records from China and Tibet

New China and Tibet Records

In June 2012, journeyed to China to make sound recordings in China and Tibet. Finally, new and up-to-date recordings from those regions in 5.1 Surround Sound!

Tibetan prayer wheel with bell

The following recordings were made:

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August 2011: BBC Birds Online

The Birds
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