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Industrial 5.1 Room Tones

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Industrial 5.1 Room Tones Fill the silence with 46 room and design tones from our massive Industrial Soundscapes 5.1 Archive. 46 room tones will help you define absolute conditions of size, atmosphere, peace, quiet (and the opposite) with 46 room tones. Make rooms sound open, friendly, pleasant and warm – or make them reverberate with eerie, oppressive, tight, cold and evil atmospheres. Discover this exciting tool and fill your interiors with the perfect aural atmosphere. Industrial 5.1 Room Tones consists of 46 specially recorded 5.1 Surround Sound room tone atmospheres in 24Bit 96kHz quality. 46 atmospheres with completely different characteristics: electro- and ventilation-atmospheres, some of them humming, droning or whizzing. Some are just quiet.
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