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Premiere Edition 1 Sound Effects Library

Premiere Edition 1 Sound Effects Collection

The standard collection for sound editing

The flagship sound effects collection of The Hollywood Edge is The Premiere Edition. If you are involved with any aspect of post - production, The Premiere Edition is for you. Spread across 20 CDs are the best sound effects, designed with the sound artist in mind. Many of The Premiere Edition sound effects run a full four minutes. With these variations of rainstorms and ambient nature sounds, you won't waste valuable time looping sounds. You'll also find many variations of the same effect, so your back is never against the wall with only one or two choices. Only the finest, most usable sound effects are meticulously edited and selected for release.

Rigid standards for sound effects quality

If the effect does not measure up to the most rigid standards for noise and usability, it is dumped and the entire process is begun from stage one, the original recording.

'Premiere Edition 01' Audio Demo

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Premiere Edition Collections

This assures you that every effect you need will be perfect for your project. Careful control during the recording process includes exact Mic selections for specific applications. Directional control during exteriors and professional sound staged recorded interiors bring an unparalleled sound that always adds to your finished products. You're not going to find any scratchy LP record sound effects here! Just look at the track sheets!

If you use sound effects, The Premiere Edition is a truly wise investment. An investment in career insurance. That's the EDGE in The Hollywood Edge!

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