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The Eerie Edition

Imagine yourself in a place so completely filled with ghoulish evil, surroundings so dark and devilish, that your entire body simply freezes from the fright.

Now listen . . . the sounds you might hear at that horror-filled haunt have been captured for The Hollywood Edge's newest collection THE EERIE EDITION.

The Edge Team has gone into that deep, dark place, where ghouls, ghosts, goblins and things go bump in the night hide, and pulled from it the most frightening and haunting sounds ever captured.

Some of Hollywood's top film sound designers and freshest talent in film composing have put their best efforts together to bring you the latest and most eerie effects and music yet!

This 3 CD set is packed to the brim with effects, ambiences, strange vocals, disturbing music, twisted metal, dry ice on metal, original and fully orchestrated musical transitions and beds that will be just what you need for that tense, frightening, horrific moment!

This is the first time the Hollywood Edge is offering the most terrific, psychotic, frantic, horrible sounds ever captured - because those who have tried before haven't made it back . . . alive.

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