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3DSFX Image


Label: Hollywood Edge

We are pleased to offer you the 3DSFX, an inspired 6 CD collection that covers a remarkable range of 'missing link' sound effects. You won't find the vast majority of 3DSFX sound effects anywhere else. At first it may seem like an odd mix of effects, until you realize that they fill out your current sound archives with subtleties that are currently absent.

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Ambient Textures Vol. 1 Image

Ambient Textures Vol. 1

Label: Foundation Library

Ambient Textures is a collection of 1,000 high definition, surround sound textures. This sound effects library is the first ever to be crafted using a unique generative synthesis process to create a 7 channel surround environmental texture. The files are all multichannel WAV files delivered at 24-bit / 48 kHz with a duration of approximately five minutes for each sound.

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Background Trax Image

Background Trax

Label: Hollywood Edge

The Hollywood Edge is proud to present the full digital stereo release: Background Trax. This 5 CD set includes some of the most spatial and distinct backgrounds available: all recorded, mixed, and mastered digitally to ensure crystal clarity.

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Cititrax Image


Label: Hollywood Edge

CitiTrax is a collection dedicated to those people who need precise control over the urban environment. But don't be fooled by the name. CitiTrax brings you into the total city experience. Cool.

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City Sounds - Munich Image

City Sounds - Munich


Take a sonic visit to the capital of Bavaria with the City Sounds - Munich Atmospheres Collection from 53 audio tracks with more than 100 minutes new, up-to-date recordings from Munich - recorded in the summer of 2011 in Stereo and genuine 5.1 Surround Sound. Stroll through Munich's shopping mile, visit one of the art galleries, frolic through the park of castle Nympenburg, squeeze yourself through the throng of people on Vikualienmarkt-market, listen to the famous glockenspiel on Munich's Marienplatz or sip a beer in one of the many beer gardens in this great city. More information...

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Civilisation Soundscapes 5.1 Image

Civilisation Soundscapes 5.1


Civilisation Soundscapes 5.1 Download Version introduces you to the wonders of Surround Sound with more than 400 authentic Surround Sound ambient tracks, recorded in 5.1 surround sound. Expand your sound archive with the new tracks from! Give your productions more depth and realism by using our original 5.1 Surround Sound Effects. More information...

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Civilisation Soundscapes Stereo - Download Image

Civilisation Soundscapes Stereo - Download


Civilisation Soundscapes Stereo Download Version Expand your archive with 400 high-quality ambient backgrounds in stereo (conformed from the 5.1 Surround Sound collection). Fully compatible with Soundminer and other Metadata-reading applications. More information...

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Cosmic Environments Image

Cosmic Environments

Label: Hollywood Edge

A library designed to fill the void of unusual 'hard to put your finger on, let alone find' ambiences, atmospheres and sound design elements. Over 450 tracks of standalone angst-ridden weirdness that can also be layered and edited to create even more trepidation...

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European Edition Image

European Edition

Label: Hollywood Edge

Pinewood Studios, London, is known for their sound effects. We've got them for you, license-free effects that have been housed at Tape Effects in Pinewood Studios, under lock and key and never before available to the pro's outside the castle.

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File Effects Image

File Effects

Label: Hollywood Edge

From across the Atlantic Ocean, the Hollywood Edge is proud to announce that we are the exclusive U.S. ditributor of File Effects. File Effects features over 250 sound effects on 10 CDs most of which are in the three-minute duration range.

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