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Ripper V4 - Sound Effects Audio CD ripping software for Macintosh

Ripping Sound Effects Audio CDs

SFX CD ripping software for Macintosh OS 10.4+. Soundminer Ripper v4 is the ultimate CD digitzing tool for professional sound effect libraries. Ripper v4 extracts out both track and index, pre-builds the audio waveform and injects all the manufacturer enriched metadata from the Soundminer metabase into the resulting files. Make light work of preparing your sound effect CD libraries by digitizing with Ripper. Over 200 sound effect libraries are supported and the major content creators like Sound Ideas and Hollywood Edge now ship their own new libraries pre-ripped by our tools on their DVDs!! Just pick your library, CD, the desired format and naming convention and go.....

Ripping Music Libraries

What about Music libraries? No need to rip these as Production Music libraries are moving towards digital delivery using our toolset, so an investment in Soundminer remains sound and future proof. Just contact your production music representative and ask for a hard drive or DVD or their enriched audio files. Get yourself organized and save yourself time and money.

Soundminer Ripper V4 Requirements

Ripper v4 requires Apple Macintosh operating system 10.4.x or higher.