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Today's high pressure world of audio post production demands asset management. Keeping your sound files organized, searchable and trackable is simple mission critical now. Already established as the world's pre-eminent audio asset manager with Version 3, SoundminerV4 builds on that by re-designing its GUI to make the whole process of searching, databasing, auditioning and transferring even quicker.

V4 is the convergence of several new technologies pioneered by Soundminer combined with an advanced new workflow paradigm that allows complete flexibility and scalability. Whether you are working with sound effects or music, commercial or original files, SoundminerV4 allows you to have advanced control over your organizational structure, searching, tracking and transferring.

V4 is much more than a search engine and it builds on advances made in Version 3. It is a Universal Binary application that is coded not only for today but for tomorrow's Apple operating systems. It now supports unicode for future localized language support, expanded field structure designed with production music libraries in mind, new waveform editor, easy to use new Spotting Panel (Projects and transfers), easy import of Itunes, Digidelivery support, advanced metadata editing, Rewire and a lot more.

Screenshot Soundminer V4 Asset Manager

SoundminerV4 is offered in two ways: SoundminerV4 and V4Pro. V4Pro gives you multi-channel Rewire and multi-channel file support, Rewire transport options so you can control your DAW from within Soundminer, advanced Spotting Panel so you can add important project level data like ‘Scene', ‘Reel', ‘Spot' info, VST native plug-in support and re-record for building your own sound design, ability to change and modify your thesaurus, support for Soundminer Server connectivity and database and project sharing, Sync and ‘handles' spotting features, and the Metatag Editor feature to make quick work of major

V4Pro also allows you to option in the Soundminer Server. V4 is not a server supported product. If you need to have centralized databasing you must use V4pro clients.

Never worry about upgrading because regardless of the product you purchase, it is always just the difference in price. You are never penalized for choosing Soundminer. Start with Miniminer and grow as needed.

How Do I upgrade from Version 3?

Soundminer is used at places like Warner Brothers, Soundelux, Skywalker, Universal, Sony Pictures, and many other respected facilities. Read the DUC (Digidesign User Conference) and see unsolicited reasons why so many editors choose Soundminer for their professional installations.

What is the difference between V4PRO and V4?